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We’re Standing By!

We pride ourselves on not only offering the best mining services to our customers but also the best customer service! Whether you have questions, need to sort out an issue, or want to say “Hi," we're here 24/7!

Q: What is MinerBOOKING?

A: MinerBOOKING offers a convenient solution for people that are either new to the world of crypto mining, or advanced users that don’t have the time or resources to mine using their own equipment. We are different from other services in that we add an extra layer of security to our processes, and we payout every 24 hours so you never have to wait.

Q: Is cryptocurrency mining profitable?

A: If you manage your wallet and coins responsibly and follow a strategy that reacts well to the market, you can build a fortune by mining.

Q: How frequently can I payout to my account?

A: We keep our machines running 24/7, which means you are always mining coins when you work with us! We'll help you get your wallet set up if you need assistance, and every 24 hours, you can pay out to your account. This step happens automatically using our secure equipment, and you can use your coins immediately!

Q: What costs and fees will I have to pay?

A: Mining isn't cheap, and there are a few distinct costs that we ask users to help us pay. This includes costs to cover electricity, cooling, maintenance, and repairs. The good news is these fees are included in the final booking price! No hidden surprises down the line!

Q: How can I pay?

A: Once you’ve picked the currency you want to mine and the machines you wish to book along with the period you want to book them for, the payment process is simple and convenient. You can make payments by credit card, wire transfer and also by different cryptocurrencies immediately from your personal account.

Q: What’s the difference between cloud mining and your service?

A: With cloud mining, you have to buy hashing power outright. With us, you just rent the miner. Another difference is the duration of the contract. With other cloud mining companies, you have to sign up for at least one year of service. We offer flexible periods that are meant to fit everyone’s preference.

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